Reiki testimonial for Antonia

Antonia is a skilled and truly divinely inspired reiki practitioner gifted with deep insight, Intuition, and empathy, Great patience and an ethic of care that has helped me to achieve my particular goals. Over several months of work with Antonia’s wholistic guidance I felt empowered to change my daily habits and establish a tailored practice of self-care. 


Antonia helped me to learn about and to channel my energy through my chakras and to shed light on my emotional and physical problems That were also related to energy blockages. I found that upon entering into sacred space for reiki, whatever was weighing on my heart, chest, or mind often lightened and subsided or became less problematic.


Over my course of treatment, I experienced a profound healing that I consider to be miraculous. I experienced the coherent integration of a fragmented mind, voice, and body of a deeply wounded individual. The practice has helped me to regain a sense of control over my life and return to appreciation for every day life. In addition, I experienced an alleviation from my clinical depression and anxiety disorder that was surprising to both me and my psychotherapist. I remember my old friends smiling, “something has changed!” they said, “It’s as if you had fallen off a cliff and returned!”


My first session with Antonia dispelled my original deep skepticism about the clinical effectiveness of reiki. Over the months, Reiki has opened me up to a new sense of possibility and a deeper connection with myself, with other people, and with the world. Over the months that I worked with Antonia, our sessions quickly became the highlights of my week.