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d i A d i i i Artisan Skincare + Spiritual Wellness

inspired by ancient Greek healing traditions to nourish your body and mind. Lovingly handcrafted in Long Island, New York, in micro batches using ancient methods and Earth Centered materials.

d i A d i i i wild & raw

Reiki treats the whole person, it is not just physical or emotional healing, it is meant to guide you into your spiritual path by focusing on the body, emotions, mind, an...
Reiki Healing
59 min


diAdiii is a grassroots artisan Apothecary and craft studio creating healing wellness potions, infused with reiki magic in the heart of NOFO NY.


Guided - by the wisdom of ancient healing modalities, the magic of mystic healing and Traditional Greek herbcraft.


Crafted - with wild harvested, raw and organic ingredients including vibrant roots, leaves, petals, flower extracts, and oils. Our olive oil is grown organically on our small family farmstead in Crete Greece, our herbs and flowers are wild gathered locally, or sourced sustainably and ethically.


Each potion is lovingly hand-blended and infused with reiki healing energy in the sunny studio of our craftsman cottage built in 1918.  

Our products contain NO fillers, synthetic additives, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colors.


We begin by carefully sourcing the finest fair trade, locally harvested, organic, wildcrafted, raw, unrefined oils, therapeutic-grade essential oils, (TGEOs) and plants. The TGEOs and plants are curated with our signature single estate olive oil harvested in Hania Crete in the seaside village of Maleme. The olives are hand collected, stone ground and bottled exclusively for d i A d i i i. A stone mortar and pestle combine oils, butters, resins, herbs and salts. Mixing spoons and bowls of olive wood, bamboo and silver, glass and ceramics process ingredients. The oils are handled with mindfulness, infused and bottled with Reiki healing energy.

d i A d i i i inspires you to to listen to your intuition and immerse yourself in the sacred wisdom and healing arts of our ancestors.




12 Irma Ave,

Port Washington, NY


Mon - Fri :

10:00 - 19:00


Sat - Sun :

11:00 - 16:00 


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